Large Plug Bag (SR-02)

  • 2-10” inserts with 5, 2”x 2” holders for the biggest lures, including Magic swimmers.
  • This is a lighter bag for inshore fishing. The unique design of the front pouch allows for two compartments; the back with two rows allowing 15 smaller lures, while the front has 7 rows for much larger lures.
  • Compartments are separated by a hard plastic divider, so hooks do not tangle.
  • The back has a C ring for your fish claw while one side has a water bottle holder and the other storage.
  • C rings on both ends.
  • A padded 60” adjustable shoulder strap carries the bag well. While the 10” handle loop makes it easy to pick up.

UPC# 0704751846480

MSRP $109.95

Packed one poly bag/10 ctn.