Sales Reps Wanted

Join our fast-growing team at Striper-Gear paying some of the highest commissions in the industry. We enjoy our own office in China with a staff of experienced people to source products, and mold makers that can make OEM products for your customers! Mr. Webster, the owner of Striper-Gear, has over 30 years of experience working in product development.

We prefer wheels on the road making new customers and being backed up with one of the best websites showing our product lines, coupled with quick books for inventory availability.


Join the growing network of tackle shops and online stores that sell Striper-Gear. You have seen our lures in action, now help get them into the hands of your customers. Reach out to your local sales representative or Mr. Webster.

Our Sales Force

Mr. Michael Webster
(413) 579-1730

Mr. Jack Babin
NJ, Parts of Long Island, and Fairfield County CT
(201) 410-7637

Mr. Norman Cohen
The great state of Florida
(781) 602-0447

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