About Us

After retirement and moving to Cape Cod, Massachusetts I found myself with a new passion, Salt Water Striped Bass fishing. My mentors Kevin and Terry Downs taught me about tides, baits, and the way to catch these giants! I was hooked!

For years I worked overseas in product development on Arts and Crafts, so my new passion began.

Todd at Falmouth Bait and Tackle was the Canal Guru for Striped Bass fishing. I told Todd that I wanted to design some products that Striped Bass fisherman and women could use.

Immediately, he said, “Make a tackle bag that can hold the large plugs we can use for the canal”.  Striper-Gear was born that day back in 2017!

Since then, I have traveled to the Weihai, China fishing show called the City of Fishing and sourced factories I wanted to develop and work with. I still have an office I work with in Shenyang, China who do all the translations and help make make some great new products!

We are updating our web site and will advise you the tackle shops and the online stores that carry Striper-Gear products. Please feel free to call us to find a store that carries our products.

Stay tuned!

Michael Webster