Hoochie Coochies

Description and Tips

Hoochie Coochies come weighted in 3 oz 8” and 4 oz 12”.

The 8” 3 oz has one hook powered by a chain line stopping blue Fish dead in the surf! Great for spring and early summer when squids are plentiful!

The 8’ can be trolled or cast from shore or the boat! Very effective around the rips boat fishing! Long cast to the side allowing the lure to bounce at the bottom into the rip applying a jig to make it life like!

The 12” 4 oz comes rigged with a second hook on the chain and is perfect for trolling at slow speeds—troll with the 8” 3 oz to hit different water columns. 

Consider using an 8” dodger 6-8” in front of squid for crazy action.

Remember, it has to be close to the bottom, let it out till you feel it hit! Then reel in several turns. Check for seaweed every 15 minutes.

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