Off Shore

model #: SR-01
retail price: $119.95

Our off shore bag has 2 inserts with 10 cells 2x2x9″ for larger plugs. A unique pull out holder for tuna jigs and larger metals.

Inside front storage has accordion style briefcase for separators which would allow storage for sensitive leaders, large hooks and supplies you would need off shore.

It has a water bottle holder on one side and plies on other.

Grommets on the bottom in event it is caught a wave!

This is also available as a backpack (SR-01-BP).

Surf Bag

model number: SR-02
price: $109.95

10 insert 2x2x9″ compartments hold all your favorite plugs, while the pull out insert holds tuna jigs and metals.

The front have 4 accordion style separators for leader lines and supplies for a long day of fishing!

Supported with extra velcro and back pack straps for a rugged day of surf fishing!

Also available as a backpack (SR-02-BP)

Light Surf Bag

Retail price: $59.95
Model number: SR-05

This bag has four 2″ x 2″ x 9″ cells which are able to hold giant surf plugs. Room for a water bottle and tool compartment on the side.

The inside flap has storage for hooks and leaders.

There are grommets to drain salt water, and it comes with an adjustable waist or shoulder belt!