Description and Tips

Our minnow SGL-102 is 4.33” and weighs 1.38 oz. Through wire construction with a Mustad 4x belly treble hook and a flag tail for easy catch and release. The single hook is reversed for better swimming action and to eliminate hooking the gills of smaller fish! Sinking to 10 feet with its amazing weight it will out cast the SP Minnow with ease. With its 3D eyes and luminous body this affordable lure deserves a place in your tackle box!

Notes: Use a loop knot for more action or a small #4 easy snap. Do not use a paperclip, TA clip. I use a crane swivel with 30” of 20 lbs fluorocarbon line. Great for schoolies and even catches Albies and Bonita!!

See the Minnow in Action!

The video of the lure in action is provided by Ryan Collins of myfishingcapecod.com

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