SR-01 Off Shore

It has 2 inserts with 10 cells 2x2x9″ for larger plugs. A unique pull out holder for tuna jigs and larger metals.
Inside front storage has accordion style briefcase for separators which would allow storage for sensitive leaders, large hooks and supplies you would need off shore.
It has a water bottle holder on one side and plies on other.
Grommets on the bottom in event it caught a wave!


New for 2021, our backpack, 10 insert 2x2x9″ compartments hold all your favorite plugs, while the pull out insert holds tuna jigs and metals.
The front have 4 accordion style separators for leader lines and supplies for a long day of fishing!
Supported with extra velcro and back pack straps for a rugged day of surf fishing!

Backpack Bag

New for 2021 our SR-02BP converted into a back pack bag!
$109.95 .
The bag handles 2 rows of 2x2x9″ inserts, total of 10 compartments.
The front of the bag has a divider that separates the front compartment with two rows of
holders for metals and jigs. The sides have places for water and tools.
All grommets in bottom, always for drainage. Our new model has extra heavy velcro so it won’t open unless you do it!
Great Bag!

Surf Bag

Sr-05 New Surf Bag “In stock” !
$59.95 with 4 9″ insert 2x2x9″, able to hold giant surf plugs with bottle, and tool compartment on sides.
Inside flap has storage for hooks and leaders. Grommets to drain salt water. It comes with adjustable waist or shoulder belt!

Large Lure Bag (SR-01)- Now available!

  • 2- 10” inserts with 5, 2”x 2” holders for the biggest lures!
  • Note large lures hanging on the insert side above.
  • Inserts slide and lock together.
  • Additional lures may be added to the removable two-sided black insert. See photos A & B.
  • One side for large offshore tuna lures and the other for multiple size jigs.
  • One end holds large water bottle, the other storage or a fish Claw.
  • A padded 60”adjustable shoulder strap carries the bag well, while a 10” handle loop makes it easy to pick up.

UPC# 0704751846473

MSRP $119.95

Packed one poly bag/10 ctn

Large Plug Bag (SR-02)

  • 2-10” inserts with 5, 2”x 2” holders for the biggest lures, including Magic swimmers.
  • This is a lighter bag for inshore fishing. The unique design of the front pouch allows for two compartments; the back with two rows allowing 15 smaller lures, while the front has 7 rows for much larger lures.
  • Compartments are separated by a hard plastic divider, so hooks do not tangle.
  • The back has a C ring for your fish claw while one side has a water bottle holder and the other storage.
  • C rings on both ends.
  • A padded 60” adjustable shoulder strap carries the bag well. While the 10” handle loop makes it easy to pick up.

UPC# 0704751846480

MSRP $109.95

Packed one poly bag/10 ctn.

Medium Plug Bag (SR-04)

  • Our Quarterback option! This versatile bag comes with a 60” detachable shoulder strap which can be converted to a waist belt with the loop in the back of the bag!
  • The bag has 2-10” inserts each with 5, 2”x 2” lure holders.
  • The side has the water bottle holder and the other side storage.
  • Comes with 2 C rings and a 10” loop handle for easy handling.
  • There is a front pouch for storage.

UPC# 0704751846503

MSRP $74.95

Packed one poly bag/10 ctn.

Small Plug Bag (SR-03)

  • Our waist belted light weight bag holds one 10”H with 5 sections of 2”x 2”lure holders.
  • The front has a great storage pouch for necessities.
  • One C ring on the side could hold your fish claws.
  • This lightweight bag is great for a 2 hour trip to the flats or the surf where you know the plugs you want to use!

UPC# 0704751846497

MSRP $49.95

Packed one poly bag/20 ctn.

Insert 2″x2″ x 10″ cells@ with 5 cells.

Great for holding plugs for change of season!

Fits all SR-01-04 bags.

  • The 10” 5 cell insert is available. It’s great to have an extra, loaded with different plugs for change of season or location of fishing.
  • They slide out easily.
  • Inserts are a solid pvc material and could be adapted for bicycle side baskets

MSRP $15.00@/20% less for 6.

Packed 12 to inner box