Description and Tips

Rockets are rigged to fish fast water where large fish can’t rip out the hooks! Constructed with one piece weight, sinking tail first! The 6/0 Mustad x3 rear bucktail hook is upside down so you don’t get as many snags! The 3/0 Mustad treble hook has a swivel so the large fish can turn the hook loose. They are rigged to catch big fish right out of the box!

Use: Fast water, cast upstream, and allow it to sink to the bottom. Then jig, the rocket will porpoise along the bottom where the big fish are!

Use fishing rips when fish are deep, also if your sonar picks up fish at the bottom, on the drift cast up current far away from the boat, then hit the bottom and porpoise rocket along the bottom where the fish were located!

Rockets come in 6 colors: whacky mack, white, mackerel, sunrise, yellow mack, and Ghost! Available in 4 weights, 1.5 oz floating, 3.2 oz, 4.8 oz and 5.8 oz sinking. The 4.8 oz and 5.8 oz cast about the same however in faster moving water use the 5.8 oz to get to the bottom faster.

See The Rocket in Action!

Video of the lure in action is provided by Ryan Collins at

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