Shaddy Daddys

Description and Tips

Try the Shaddy Daddy with Striper Gears Exclusive Scent Injector

Shaddy Daddy’s are the real deal! Powered by a Mustad x4 hook which can take in a 200 lbs Tuna! All colors are available in 6.5” 5.5 oz and 5.5 “ 3.5 oz.

From shore use the 3.5 oz, changing speeds and jigging. If fishing a sandy bottom the Shaddy Daddy allows you to hit and jig along the bottom. Rocky bottoms could cause snagging, so keep it off the bottom into a middle column of water. In river outlets where water is moving like the Cape Cod canal, cast up current and allow it to hit the bottom, jig along until it starts to rise in the water column. Change up retrieve speeds! Using both weights while trolling makes a great way to fish different depths. Ask your tackle shop to stock these bad boys! Killers!!!!

Shads come with an extra tail and are currently available in 12 colors with more coming!

Replacement Tails

Replacement tails are available in four popular 5.5 oz colors and come two to a pack. Available replacement colors are herring, white, menhaden, and glitter.

Scent Oil Injector

Make your soft plastic lures work harder for you by injecting them with scented oil. The Striper-Gear Shaddy Daddy already looks realistic and by injecting the lure with scented oil it will leave a trail of scent behind as it moves through the water attracting more fish!

Step by step instructions

See the Shaddy Daddy in Action!

Video of the lure in action is provided by @ReelOffishalAngling

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