Hardware and Leader Lines

Scent Oil Injector

Make your soft plastic lures work harder for you by injecting them with scented oil. The Striper-Gear Shaddy Daddy already looks realistic and by injecting the lure with scented oil it will leave a trail of scent behind as it moves through the water attracting more fish!

Make the Shaddy Daddy even better with the scent injector!

Step by step instructions

Fluorocarbon Leader line

Our Japanese low-memory Fluorocarbon leader line is the highest quality line. The leader has been looped in the package for months. Usually, this would cause the line to be very difficult to straighten, not ours! The low memory is easy to straighten out, simply connect the line to a swivel, pull for 3 seconds and it will be completely straight and usable. Far better than doing it yourself!

Leader lines are available in packs of 3, with 12 in the inner box for tackle shops. Available in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 lbs test lines in 24” and 36” lengths.

Paper Clips

Our paper clips are in two sizes, 60# and 70# packed 15 to bag with 12 per inner box. The weight numbers are the size clips we used on our leader line, not the actual test strength. They are rated at 110,120 lbs.

Crane and Barrel Swivels

Our swivels are the most popular size when using leader lines for casting and trolling. Advantage, compared to the competition you get 30% more for free in each pack! Same factory as the brand names but cheaper!

Item Number: Crane swivels
Item Number: Barrel Swivel

Easy Snaps

Introducing our new Easy Snaps!
Designed with a secure rubber band closure, these snaps keep your gear in place while jigging in deep water with heavy jigs.

Available in two ideal sizes for saltwater fishing -60lbs and 80lbs- our snaps come with and without swivels.

Each pack includes 15 snaps.

Easy Snaps available in 60lbs and 80lbs sizes
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